Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New Beginnings #UCLPub2015

I've been ridiculously quiet for around about 10 months now which is a bit of an embarrassment but, for a couple of reasons, that might be about to change. And I plan to actually stick to that this time.
I've just started my Publishing MA at UCL (how exciting is that?) and things have really started changing even though the course only really started this week! I'm going to actually try to keep this blog going; giving updates on what I'm learning and all the new experiences that this step has brought into my life.
Now obviously, being on a Publishing degree course, book blogs are pretty unremarkable; everyone who's anyone has a book blog. However, it has been made clear to us that having a social media presence and getting comfortable portraying ourselves on various forms of it are KEY TO OUR FUTURE! (the capitals made it more ominous, I feel).
So here I am, attempting to actually keep up a blog. Fingers crossed!

Hope you enjoy,

Naomi Joy x

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